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Thermal insulation

Blackout effect

Thermal curtain liner

Moondream curtain liners provides genuine thermal insulation for your whole house. The first company to metallize fabric by injecting microscopic aluminum particles, Moondream offers thermal lining for your curtains that is flexible, attractive and just as effective as a survival blanket! It can be applied to any curtains using the Velcro strip, and all our winter and/or summer linings are patented and laboratory tested to guarantee unrivalled efficacy.

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In winter and summer, keep the indoor temperature stable with Moondream curtain thermal liner

Moondream thermal linings can be adapted to every situation. Moondream Refresh lining is perfect for keeping your home cool in summer, lowering the temperature by around 7 °. Moondream Winter Eco lining sends the heat produced by heating back into the room, helping you save on energy bills. To finish, BI-COOL lining combines the features of both these products: it refreshes the ambient air in summer and creates a warm atmosphere in winter.