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Thermal insulation

Blackout effect

Warm curtains for winter improve thermal insulation

Moondream's winter thermal curtains are thermally insulated and prevent external cold from entering your home. Fitted in front of any source of heat loss, window or door (entrance door or door leading to the garage for example), they will stop drafts and help you save up to 46% on heating bills.

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Moondream's warm curtains are suitable for all situations

Is your bedroom window poorly insulated against the cold and light? Would you like a heat insulation solution that matches the decor of your room? Available in various colors, materials, sizes and finishes, Moondream's energy efficient curtains are the all-in-one solution for protecting your privacy and quality of life. Moondream curtains are multi-functional, blocking out 100% of external light and keeping heat indoors, available as thermal winter & summer drapes or curtains, controlling the indoor temperature all year round.