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Sound blocking curtains: discover the Moondream range

Block out external noise easily and effectively with Moondream sound blocking curtains! Quick and easy to install, anti-noise curtains protect you day and night from everyday noise disturbances. Fit them in front of a window or poorly insulated entrance door to achieve effective sound insulation. The thick layers of materials and fabrics divide the sound energy in a room by four, up to 7 decibels less, and also block out 100% of the light when you want, keeping the indoor temperature stable all year round thanks to the thermal insulating, blackout functions of Moondream anti-noise curtains.

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Find the anti-noise curtain that suits you

To satisfy all our customers’ needs and tastes, Moondream has a huge range of sound blocking curtains in different colors, patterns and materials: from a traditional plain curtain in a wide variety of colors, to a curtain designed with our textile design partners, via the Moondream Premium collection. Whatever you choose, your curtains will take pride of place in all the rooms of your home, matching your interior decor perfectly.