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Reinforce your sound insulation with Moondream soundproof insulation curtains

Say goodbye to everyday noise nuisance by fitting a Moondream soundproof acoustic curtain panel!

A three-in-one solution for sound insulation adaptable to your lifestyle

The Moondream soundproof window treatment is the result of a patented technology offering:

  • - sound insulation: its three layers of fabric dampen noise by up to 7 decibels, reducing sound reverberation in the room.
  • - thermal insulation: the thermal insulating layer will save up to 46% on your heating bills in winter, and cool the room by a few degrees in summer - light insulation: its blackout function blocks all external light.

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Views from neighboring buildings will be forgotten, light will not disturb your sleep, heat will not escape and outside noise will no longer disrupt your peace and quiet. Day and night, our soundproof insulation solution will protect against external noise and transform your home into a calm, quiet bubble.