Noise reducing curtains

Block out outside noise with Moondream noice reducing curtains

Insulating windows against sound is possible with Moondream

When you get home, you only want one thing: to leave behind all the noise and disturbances of the day and enjoy your privacy in peace. Thanks to Moondream sound insulation curtains, you can do this in one sweep. With specific technology that gives them very high sound absorption properties, sound insulation curtains shield you from noise and reduce the level of sound passing through a window by up to 7 decibels, transforming your home into a calm, quiet bubble. The secret? Three layers of fabric, each blocking out external noise.

Noise reducing curtains

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Patented, multi-functional technology

Moondream sound blocking curtains also block out the light. They therefore adapt to your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to adjust the light and even obtain total darkness in a room. Perfect for your bedroom, to help you enjoy restful, good quality sleep. Finally, they also contain a thermal layer that prevents heat loss through the window in winter and keeps the room cool in summer. You can maintain an ideal temperature all year round, save on energy and reduce electricity bills.