Noise cancelling curtains: the solution against outside noise

A patented technological invention, noice cancelling curtains cut you off from the outside noise that disturbs your peace and quiet at home.

Anti-noise curtains for your windows or entrance door

There are many sources of noise disturbance in cities: passers-by outside your windows, incessant traffic noise, building works, comings and goings of neighbors in your block... Insulate yourself against noise simply, economically and ecologically with Moondream sound-dampening curtains! Fitted on your windows or behind your entrance door, they will significantly reduce sound reverberation in the room and reduce sound energy from outside by around 7 decibels.

Noise cancelling curtains: the solution against outside noise

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A perfect solution for dividing a room in two

Thanks to its anti-noise properties, the room divider noice cancelling curtain can also be used as a movable partition to create two separate spaces. In one simple step, you have an extra room—an office, bedroom, living corner... Lined on both sides to give an identical appearance, they also have a blackout layer to block the light, a thermal layer to save on energy and can reduce sound waves by up to 9 decibels!