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Sleep peacefully thanks to the Moondream soundproof blackout curtain

No more restless nights due to noise and light thanks to the Moondream blacjout acoustic panels!

Soundproof blackout curtains will improve your sleep

When a bedroom looks out onto a busy street that is noisy both day and night, it can be hard to get a good night's sleep. Add to that a window without shutters that lets in outside light, and sleep can be seriously disturbed.

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To enjoy a peaceful night every night, fitting a noise blocking curtain is THE attractive, economical three-in-one solution. With a simple sweep, you can block 100% of outside light and dampen annoying noises. The patented technology of our sound insulation blackout curtain will divide the sound energy in the room by four, or up to 7 decibels. Made from high-quality fabric available in natural, light or bright shades, Moondream's sound insulation blackout curtain also adds a touch of softness to your bedroom.