Door thermal curtains: the energy-saving solution

Prevent heat loss with the Moondream thermal insulation curtain

Does your door let in the cold? Replacing your entrance door and re-laying the insulation is an extreme solution, expensive and even impossible if you are renting. Instead of using an unattractive draft excluder, which does not really work, a thermal door curtain will meet all your needs. A genuine technological solution, the insulating curtain will keep the heat inside and stop the cold from coming in. No more need to turn up the heating, you can make huge energy savings. Our tests prove it: up to 46% savings on energy.

Door thermal curtains: the energy-saving solution

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Patented technology and quality fabric

The properties of the Moondream thermal door curtain come from its lining containing aluminum particles, which is as efficient as a survival blanket. But for Moondream, technology does not come at the expense of quality and decorative appeal. Entirely manufactured in Europe, in a wide variety of colors, you are sure to find the curtain that matches your home decor best.