Insulated blackout curtains

Your bedroom should be a genuine haven of peace, a cocoon where you can escape from all outside disturbances. Light and cold coming through a poorly insulated window, stifling heat disrupting your sleep, all these nuisances can be forgotten thanks to Moondream thermal blackout curtains!

Moondream insulated blackout curtains: a two-in-one solution

With Moondream thermal blackout curtains, you can completely block out all external light in a simple sweep, enjoying a perfect temperature all year round. In winter, you can save up to 46% on your heating bills, and in summer you can cool the room by around 4°, thanks to the injection of microscopic aluminum particles which reflect up to 90% of infrared lights.

Insulated blackout curtains

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Our whole range of thermal blackout curtains is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and fabrics, exclusively made in Europe, a guarantee of irreproachable quality and perfect finishings. Moondream thermal blackout curtains are an economical, ecological, effective solution, guaranteeing peaceful nights and tastefully decorating your bedroom.