Thermal and soundproof curtain panels

Comfort all year round with our thermal and sound insulation curtains

When we get home, we all want the same thing: to enjoy peace and quiet far from the hustle and bustle outside. Unfortunately, poorly insulated windows can spoil this feeling of calm. With Moondream’s thermal and soundproof curtain panels this problem no longer exists. Outside noise will no longer enter your home, sound reverberation will be reduced, heat will not escape in winter and the rooms will stay cool in summer. The results speak for themselves: Moondream window curtains will save you up to 46% on heating bills and reduce noise coming through the window by 7 decibels.

Thermal and soundproof curtain panels

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Moondream quality

A French company in existence for over 100 years, specializing in textiles, Moondream has successfully established itself in the technical curtains market in Europe and across the Atlantic. The name Moondream is a genuine guarantee of quality and excellence. Constantly seeking to improve your comfort and well-being at home, we are anxious to offer the best quality fabrics for beautiful, practical, long-lasting curtains.