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Find the best room divider ideas with Moondream

You're renting, on a tight budget or purely for design purposes, you're looking for a practical solution to divide a room into two separate spaces without a permanent partition? At Moondream, we have a low-cost solution that is effective and attractive!

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How to divide a room and block out external disturbances

If you want to create two separate sleeping spaces in the same room, or separate an office corner from the rest of the room, you need to find a room divider idea that will protect your privacy and reduce noise as much as possible. Moondream has specially developed the room divider curtain for this purpose, a solution that combines elegant fabric with technological efficiency. It blocks 100% of the light and also has a sound insulation layer that significantly reduces noise by around 9 decibels. An affordable, effective dividing solution that can be adapted to your lifestyle and your needs!