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Cream blackout curtains: turn your home into a cozy cocoon

A soft, peaceful, elegant color, beige is a timeless classic in home decor. It goes well with traditional or modern decor, in the city or the country, as cream blackout curtainspromote a feeling of relaxation, peace and calm.

Create harmony in every room with cream blackout curtains

Off-white, cream, sand, shell, pebble... there is a huge range of beige shades. They have the power to brighten up a room but are a warmer color than white. In your living room, bedroom, office or study, Moondream cream sun blocking curtains match every color and allow you to control the light or even block it out completely.

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At Moondream, cream light blocking curtains are available in plain colors, patterned, cotton piqué, with a textile appearance combining a decorative fabric with blackout lining, with 100% blackout coating even on lighter shades, or dim-out curtains that allow a small amount of light through... it’s up to you to choose the shade, pattern and visual comfort you prefer!