Pink Blackout Curtains

In one sweep, block out all outside light and enjoy the cozy, relaxing ambiance created by Moondream pink blackout curtains.

Enjoy a rosy view of life, with the Moondream blackout curtain.

Antique pink, fuchsia or magenta, pink room darkening curtains add a soft, gentle touch to your interior decor and protects your privacy. Pink blackout curtains will create magic in a bedroom, especially for little girls, giving them a restful, peaceful night’s sleep thanks to its high light blocking capacity. The soft color will warm up the room and can also be used to give your living room or office a peaceful atmosphere.

Pink Blackout Curtains

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Moondream quality standards

A French company specializing in technical, decorative curtains, Moondream offers a wide range of very high quality sun blocking curtains. All our products are exclusively made in Europe, with perfect finishings: invisible seams, non-perforated, reinforced top, overlock stitching, grommet blackout curtain... everything has been designed to offer you only the best.