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Blackout effect


Red blackout curtains add character to your home

With Moondream red blackout curtains, block out up to 100% of external light in your home, and add warmth and energy to your decor!

Red brings out the radiance of your room

Bright red, red currant, cherry, ruby, burgundy... no one can be indifferent about red. This warm, strong color adds energy to your home and livens up rooms that look too sterile. Choosing a red blackout curtain is the perfect decorative touch to create energy and freshness in your home.

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Red can also be the perfect color for your office, study or be used to transform your living room into a movie theater. Plain, striped, embossed or flecked, red blackout curtains are available in multiple options at Moondream! With stainless steel grommets, pencil pleats and in many sizes, you are sure to find the right sun blocking curtains that will protect your peace and quiet.