Dress your windows in sun blocking curtains

With double blackout curtains, you can adjust the light intensity of a room, giving it a plain, elegant atmosphere.

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Sun blocking curtains immediately warm up the ambiance due to their heavy appearance, lending elegance and harmony to each room. They blend perfectly with traditional style decoration, transforming your home into a genuine cocoon where you can truly relax and rest.

Dress your windows in sun blocking curtains

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In your living room, double blackout curtains can be added to your drapes, to block out all outside light—perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere or transforming your living room into a movie theater when you watch TV. In your bedroom, they will protect you as you sleep, blocking out up to 100% of outside light in one simple step. At Moondream, you will find a multitude of colors, materials and different looks to choose from for your sun blocking curtains curtains. You can even choose the level of blackout or room darkening that suits your lifestyle or use our curtains in all rooms or as separation curtain.