Step 3: Choose your heading type and measurements
Made to Measure Soundproof Curtains

White ROOM DIVIDER & SOUNDPROOF Custom Curtain Velvet Snow MC720

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4-in-1 Room Divider Soundproof Thermal Blackout Curtain Velvet Venise

Moondream's reversible 4-in-1 Room Divider Velvet Venise Custom Curtains use our own patented technology with 3 layers of strategically assembled materials to obtain the best results in sound insulation that can be achieved with a fabric curtain: identical blackout fabric on each external side and one metallized thermal-insulating lining layer inside. The curtain absorbs and stops the passage of sound waves and also provides a thermal insulation against heat and cold as well as a 100% blackout effect.

The room divider curtain can act as a wall to muffle high frequency noise such as voices. As the curtain looks identical on both sides, it is the ideal replacement for a door or as a mobile partition wall. Create an additional room and block out the surrounding hustle and bustle with just one draw of the curtain.

Our product has been tested by independant laboratories to confirm its sound, thermal and light insulation perfomance:

  • Noise insulation: reaching a drop of up to 12 decibels. Reverberation of sound in the room is also reduced and creates a quieter atmosphere.
  • Thermal insulation: Up to 37% reduction of heating costs in winter (1) and a drop in temperature during summer (2).
  • Light insulation: 100% blackout effect for improved sleep quality.

(1) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. M101 dated 09/02/2009
(2) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. 154 dated 05/25/2010

Technical details
BLACKOUT EFFECT: 100% Blackout
CARE: dry-clean only
MATERIAL: 1st layer, 100% Polyester + Acrylic coating - 2nd layer, Thermal lining: 99,99% Polyester + 0,01% Aluminium - 3rd layer, 100% Polyester + Acrylic coating
DESIGN FEATURES: Identical color on front and back. Heavy fabric for a lovely hanging effect with small discreet stitching to appear seamless. For a perfect finish, the bottom hem is already sewn (no fusion tape).
ECO CERTIFICATION: This fabric is REACH certified, meaning it was produced according to EU regulations.
Material effect: Velvet
To perfectly match your expectations, we recommend you to consult our guide: MADE-TO-MEASURE CURTAIN GUIDE >

1 - Choose your curtain heading

GUIDE PART 1: Learn more about our different headings >
  • Grommets (Gunmetal)
    Grommets (Gunmetal)
  • Grommets (Matte silver)
    Grommets (Matte silver)
  • Grommets (Matte gold)
    Grommets (Matte gold)
  • Pencil pleats
    Pencil pleats
  • Rod Pocket
    Rod Pocket

2 - Enter your measurements


Width of your curtain rod (inches)

For an optimal rendering we calculate the final width of your curtain for you.
If your curtain rod is larger than the max. width allowed, please click here or consult the following guide.

GUIDE PART 2: How to enter the right width >

Height of your curtain (inches)

Please consult the following guide for more information.

GUIDE PART 3: How to enter the right height >

3 - Select the number of panels

You can choose to divide your curtain into 1 or 2 curtain panels and check the summary below for the final measurements of each panel.

GUIDE PART 4: How to select the number of panels >
panel 1 panel for the entire width panel 2 panels for the entire width

Your curtain:

Type: Made to Measure Soundproof Curtains
Fabric: 4-in-1 Room Divider with Sound Insulation
Color: White
Heading: Choose heading
Your window measurements: Enter width and height
Final measurements of each panel (laid flat): Enter width and height
Number of panels: Choose the number of curtain panels
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