Customize your 3-in-1 Soundproof Curtain or 4-in-1 Room Divider with Sound Insulation Curtain

Moondream soundproof curtains are made up of several layers and provide tested and approved results allowing noise reduction of up to 12dB. In addition to acting as sound-absorbing barriers, these custom-made curtains are multi-functional and provide a protection against light as well as thermal insulation all year round. By choosing have your curtains custom-made, you benefit from enjoying guaranteed noise-canceling curtains that perfectly fit your spaces, whether in terms of color, dimension and finish for the curtains of your dreams.

Moondream soundproof curtains are also available in a Room Divider version with an identical front and back.

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Use Moondream custom-made curtains to improve your interior space

It is important to stress how much the atmosphere of a room contributes to our well-being. This is why Moondream has designed and makes custom-made soundproof curtains to reduce noise.

Thanks to their performance, custom-made soundproof curtains make it possible to reinforce the soundproofing level of your doors and windows and make it possible to create separate spaces. As a soundproof curtain or room divider, both these products can be customized and adapted to what you want. All you have to do is choose!