A lot of heat is lost through windows in winter. In summer, the hot weather can quickly become stifling and uncomfortable. A home that is therefore well-insulated from the winter cold as well as high temperatures in summer is a happy home.

The Moondream thermal curtain is an innovative and patented solution with many advantages: in addition to benefiting from a high-performance double-insulation effect, Moondream thermal curtains are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics. Are you looking for something original? Have your Moondream thermal curtains custom-made so they suit exactly how you want your decor to look. In addition, if you want to let light in all while enjoying thermal insulation, choose to have a thermal sheer tailor-made.

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Custom-made thermal curtains to regulating the temperature inside your home

The Moondream custom-made thermal curtain is not only a true heat barrier, it provides significant savings on your heating in cold weather, and also helps keep a room cool in hot weather.

As they have high technical performance and look good, have your curtains made to as you want and create a thermal barrier to suit your decor.