Do you need to block light in a room?

Moondream custom-made blackout curtains will shut out invasive light from outside and prevent anyone from seeing in, whether in your bedroom, family room or lounge, dining room, or any room in your house, while enhancing your interior decor with decorative and efficient fabric blocking up to 100% of the light.

By choosing to have your Moondream curtains custom-made, this means they suit exactly how you want your decor to look. From the choice of fabric to the dimensions, including finish, have your blackout curtain custom-made so your home is unique, and you enjoy exactly what you had in mind and want.

STEP 2: Choose your fabric

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Blackout curtains to enjoy your interior

Moondream custom-made blackout curtains are more than just pieces of fabric. You use them day and night. They ensure your sleep, a nap or rest, or quiet time with your family is undisturbed by making your room completely dark.

These blackout curtains are essential in decorating your windows and creating harmony in your rooms. It is therefore also essential that they respect the your interior decor’s codes, as they are one of the first things noticed when walking into a room.