How to install the hooks on my pencil pleat curtains?

  1. Insert the hook inside the braid every 3.4 – 6 inches.

  2. Before hanging your curtain on the rod, you must frown your curtain. To frown, you must pull on the yarns on both sides of the curtain. Knot the yarn to create a stop for the frown, do NOT cut the yarns. Place the frowned curtains on opposite ends of the rod. Your curtain width frowned must measure around the half of your rod - This way, with your 2 curtains the entire window will be covered. If you choose to use only one curtain, frown it according to the length of your rod.

  3. Hang your curtain through this hook inside the rings on your rod.

    The three types of rods you can use:

Now you can enjoy your new curtains!

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