Winter & Summer THERMAL Lining Silver MC0001

Bi-cool Winter and Summer Thermal Lining
The GREY winter and summer thermal lining Bi-Cool by Moondream lining is woven using high technology wire fabric... More


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*Single curtain panel

Weight per unit: 0.40 lbs


Winter & Summer THERMAL Lining Silver MC0001

The Bi-Cool winter and summer thermal lining, Bi-Cool by Moondream lining is woven using high technology wire fabric that functions throughout the lining. Capable of reflecting between 80 to 90% of infrared rays, these linings work to repel unwanted sun radiation outdoors during summer, and conserve much needed warmth indoors during winter.
Laboratory tests results confirm that the Bi-Cool by Moondream lining can help households make energy savings of up to 46% during winter, and can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 7°F during summer. 

  • The curtain fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and was produced without the use of any harmful substances (OEKO-TEX is an independent testing and certification system for textile products - recognized worldwide)
  • Adjustable to your curtain by self-gripping strip.
  • Fabric: 99.97% Polyester - 0.03% Aluminium.
  • Back: Silver
  • Mashine-washable.
  • Made in Europe (Poland).

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Moondream winter and summer thermal lining technical performanceMoondream winter and summer thermal lining technical performance


*Test  Report N° PE 266 - May 2012

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Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 4
  • Average Grade : 4 /5
  • Y. Linda
  •  the 12/12/2016
  • 2/5
The step to attach was cheap and did not adhere will have to purchase Velcro or sew the liner on
  • S. Amanda
  •  the 08/03/2016
  • 4/5
This time, we also purchased a set of silver thermal liners to add to existing curtains we already had -- I think that they do help block the heat, but probably not quite as effectively as the thermal/blackout curtains, but it does allow us to keep curtains we already had & like.
  • R. Laurel
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
Not sure yet. We don't have winter draft issues, but we do have heat issues in the summer. But based on how well the drapes are working, I have confidence the liner will do its job too.
  • B. Frank
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
Easy ordering, simple, classic design and fantastic light blocking material.