A revolution in emf shielding fabric

Protecting yourself from wave radiations is quick and easy at Moondream

Intolerance of electromagnetic waves and fields affects an increasing number of people in the modern world. In one simple step, you can now protect yourself with Moondream emf blocker fabric, which acts as a genuine radiation barrier! Available as curtains or a simple lining to attach to your curtains with a Velcro strip, our emf curtains has been developed with cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the metallic fabric containing 55% copper and nickel, external sound waves will no longer enter the room and the magnetic field of your home will be reduced by three.

A revolution in emf shielding fabric

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Put your trust in the technical curtains specialist

Moondream is a family company established 100 years ago and now an expert in technical, decorative curtains all over Europe and the United States. As the leader in this very specific market, Moondream uses protective technology in its curtains to protect you every day from all external disturbances such as radiation protection. All our products are exclusively made in Europe—a guarantee of quality, perfect finishings and genuine expertise.