Moondream room divider curtain

Do you want to create two different areas in the same room in a simple, attractive way? The Moondream room divider curtain is the perfect choice!

Divide a room with Moondream in one simple step

The Moondream room divider curtain can be used to partition off a corner of a room quickly and easily. Inexpensive, compact and light, it only takes a few minutes to install it and separate part of the room from prying eyes. To create an office space in your living room or bedroom, divide a bedroom in two or partition off a sleeping corner, our divider curtain will adapt to your needs and your lifestyle.

Moondream room divider curtain

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Consisting of four layers, it has been designed and developed to meet all your needs. Each side is coated with a blackout layer that completely blocks the light. Inside, the room divider curtain has one metallized thermal-insulating lining layer and one thick cotton layer which dampens sounds such as voices. Like a sound-insulating wall, this patented technology can reduce noise by up to 9 decibels!