Adapt your space with the Moondream's fabric room dividers

Avoid major building work and instead use a fabric room dividers to create two spaces in the same room!

Why choose a room divider curtain?

Curtains are not only for windows! They can be the ideal room divider solution for easily adapting your indoor space, like a mobile partition. When open, the Moondream divider curtain allows you to enjoy the whole space. Closed, it transforms the space into a private bubble. The reversible curtains are identical on both sides for an even more beautiful, harmonious effect, but most importantly their features will make your everyday life easier.

Adapt your space with the Moondream's fabric room dividers

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Highly resistant technological properties

The Moondream divider curtain has been designed to provide the three main advantages of a partition without its inconveniences.

    • - It protects against light thanks to the blackout layer on each side;
    • - It maintains the room temperature thanks to the aluminum microparticles injected in the fabric;
    • - It divides the sound energy in a room by eight (9 decibels less on average) and effectively dampens high frequencies such as voices.