Brown SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Chocolate MC610

The Moondream Soundproof Curtain is an efficient solution to dampen incoming noise up to -7 decibels and create a quieter atmosphere. This patented all-in-one solution also insulates your home against Heat, Cold and Light. More Details

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*Single curtain panel

Weight per unit: 3.90 lbs


Brown SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Chocolate MC610

Moondream Soundproof Curtain

The Moondream Soundproof Curtain uses our own patented technology (U.S. Patent N° 9475260) with 3 layers of strategically assembled materials to obtain the best results in sound insulation that can be achieved with a fabric curtain. Our product has been tested by independant laboratories to confirm its perfomance.

  • Sound insulation: Noise reduced by four-fold, reaching a drop of up to 7 decibels (1). Reverberation of sound in the room reduced for a quieter atmosphere, e.g. for a surface area of approximately 215 ft² the reverberation time is reduced by 0.4 seconds (2).
  • Thermal insulation: Up to 37% reduction of heating costs in winter (3) and a drop in temperature during summer (4). 
  • Light insulation: 100% blackout effect for improved sleep quality.

(1) Test performed by Kietudes in compliance with EN ISO 10052
(2) Test by the Experimental Center for Building and Public Works Research and Studies (CEBTP), experimental report no. BEB2.E.6039-1
(3) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. M101 dated 09/02/2009
(4) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. 154 dated 05/25/2010


1st layer: 100% Polyester / 2nd layer: 99.99% Polyester, 0.01% Aluminum / 3rd layer: 100% White Recycled Cotton
Curtain fabric with international OEKO-TEX® label, certifying that it has been produced without the use of any harmful substances
Grommets (1.6 inch inner diameter, rust proof, reinforced top section without stitching) or Rod pocket (1.2 inch opening)
Easily adjustable to the height of your window with the provided iron-on tape
Heavy fabric for a lovely hanging effect and small discreet stitching to appear seamless
Products are made in Europe (Poland) with the utmost care
Dry Clean only

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 21
  • Average Grade : 4.9 /5
  • L. Frances
  •  the 09/29/2020
  • 5/5
It was difficult to discern the dark brown color on my website - but I ordered 8 curtains in hopes that the dark brown would be a rich dark chocolate color. I was delighted to see that the color was more beautiful than I had imagined it to be. Imagine a dark chocolate bar where the color brown is deep and true. There is no grey so the brown is not flat and dull. It is vibrant. I am going to hang the curtains this weekend and will submit a second review on the technical performance of the they do a good job (1) blocking light, (2) dampening noise, and (3) blocking cold drafts?
  • S. Caitlin
  •  the 09/14/2020
  • 5/5
Great quality! Blocks out light & heat; helps reduce the noise some as well.
  • J. Robert
  •  the 06/21/2020
  • 5/5
Great product Great service.
  • J. Darcy
  •  the 07/30/2018
  • 5/5
I needed to absorb sound in my small home recording studio, and cover the reflections from my window in the room. These were the perfect addition! Rich color and fabric, and very well made. Just what I wanted. Highly recommend!
  • M. Lucy
  •  the 07/16/2018
  • 5/5
Worked out perfectly.
  • M. Massimo
  •  the 01/26/2018
  • 5/5
I really got was I was expecting
  • L. Sonia
  •  the 12/12/2017
  • 5/5
I bought the SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Curtains and they are excellent. They work as described by the company. on their website. They assure up to 7 decibels noise reduction and in reality (verified with 2 different apps) it reduces from 7 -10 decibels which was amazing. In addition to this, it also provides complete blackout. The colors are attractive and soothing to eyes. I always appreciate a good product. Thank you Moondream :)
  • C. Will
  •  the 04/25/2017
  • 5/5
Currently live downtown, curtains do an effective job of quieting the space.
  • B. Teresa
  •  the 04/01/2017
  • 5/5
These curtains really do block out noise and light, very pleased
  • D. Paul
  •  the 03/24/2017
  • 5/5
This is my third time ordering another panel of these drapes. The definitely help with soundproofing and blackout. The design is good but the best part is how well they work if for noise reduction.
  • C. Thomas
  •  the 01/29/2017
  • 5/5
Curtain was as advertised - Worked great for us
  • B. Joni
  •  the 12/23/2016
  • 5/5
Very heavy and good quality- they look great!
  • M. Gina
  •  the 12/03/2016
  • 5/5
Very heavy, nice quality and so far is blocked out the sound!!!
  • C. Dinah
  •  the 11/26/2016
  • 4/5
  • M. Miguel
  •  the 08/26/2016
  • 5/5
Great service. Highly recommended.
  • D. Andrea
  •  the 08/19/2016
  • 4/5
They seem good but I haven't gotten to experience the full effect yet because of the mistake in not sending a bag of hooks to hang the pencil pleat curtains.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 05/10/2016
  • 5/5
They are fabulous. keep out light and sound really well.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 04/25/2016
  • 4/5
The product is of excellent quality. I've ordered it for all of my windows in different colors.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
Heavy material. We bought this for my bird room where my parrot is. It cuts screaming sound in half. The material is heavy so you will need decent rod to hang it.
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
I just did, 5 stars. Excellent
  • A. Anonymous
  •  the 01/20/2016
  • 5/5
Help with traffic noise for a bedroom. These soundproof curtains do look nice out of the package but are not hemmed, they have a finished end on the bottom. However they include some type of hem tape but on the dark brown curtain I saw no need to hem. They don't block all the noise but defiantly muffle the traffic sounds. So far I am very happy with them and have ordered a second pair for the other window.
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