White SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Snow MC720

The Moondream WHITE Soundproof Curtain is an all-in-one technical insulation solution for your home and made up of 3 layers of fabric strategically assembled... More 

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*Single curtain panel

Weight per unit: 3.90 lbs


White SOUNDPROOF Curtain Cotton Effect Snow MC720

The Moondream WHITE Soundproof Curtain is an all-in-one technical insulation solution for your home.

Moondream Soundproof Curtain* is made up of 3 layers of fabric strategically assembled to offer the following results:
- Noise reduced by four-fold, reaching a drop of up to 7 decibels (1) and a reduction of the reverberation of sound in the room, for a cosy, warm atmosphere. (For a surface area of approximately around 215 square feet (20m²), the reverberation time is reduced by 0.4 seconds.) (2).
- Reduction in energy costs, reaching up to 37% drop in central heating costs (3) and a drop in temperature during summer (4).
- 100% blackout (Laboratory tested).

  • Heavy fabric provides a lovely hanging effect.
  • Fabric 1st layer:100% Polyester- Linings: 2nd layer :99.99% Polyester-0.01% Aluminium - 3rd layer : 100% Cotton.
  • Back: White.
  • The curtain fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and was produced without the use of any harmful substances (OEKO-TEX is an independent testing and certification system for textile products - recognized worldwide)
  • Grommets are spaced at regular intervals to avoid crimping the fabric.
  • Grommet has 1.6-inch inner diameter.
  • Rod pocket finishes , the measurement of the rod pocket is 1.2" inches.
  • .Pencil pleat consists of tightly gathered folds.
  • Reinforced top section, made without stitching, provides a flawless overall appearance.
  • Regular side seams are made with a small and discreet stitching.
  • Overedge stitching is made with invisible thread and has a seamless effect.
  • Easily adjustable to the height of your windows with iron-on tape (provided)-Bottom sewn with an overcast seam.
  • Dry Clean only.
  • Products are made in Europe (Poland) with the utmost care.

Moondream Soundproof curtains technical performanceMoondream Soundproof curtains performance

(1) Test performed by Kietudes in compliance with EN ISO 10052
(2) Test by the Experimental Center for Building and Public Works Research and Studies (CEBTP), experimental report no. BEB2.E.6039-1
(3) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. M101 dated 09/02/2009
(4) Test performed by ENVEHO test report no. 154 dated 05/25/2010

* Download U.S. Patent No. 9,475, 260 Moondream Inc U.S. Patent No. 9,475, 260
Patent pending Canada 2-804-571

For prime quality

Moondream curtain VS. standard curtain

Moondream curtains quality

For the best technical performance

Tests carried out by an independent laboratory.

Moondream soundproof curtains performance

Product Reviews
  • Number of Reviews : 45
  • Average Grade : 4.5 /5
  • F. Susan
  •  the 12/19/2018
  • 1/5
I had hoped to muffle some of the noise in my space from the rest of the house but these didn't work at all. I am very disappointed since most of the reviews were positive.
› Comment from Moondream Inc. the 05/21/2019

Hello Thank you for sharing your experience with our customers. We are sorry you're disappointed but as explained on our Soundproof Buying Guide, the noise is coming through all the openings and once in a room there is what we call a "rebound effect". It means it bounces everywhere on the ceiling, walls, floor. The best way to to achieve effective sound insulation,is that your room has to be covered also with absorbent materials, as for example a rug. Best regards The Moondreamwebstore Team

  • G. Janice
  •  the 12/19/2018
  • 5/5
Same as above.
  • L. Aimee
  •  the 12/12/2018
  • 5/5
Thumbs up! I wanted a sound buffer for my condo door without a $300 price tag. The sound blocking curtain absolutely muffles all sounds and has improved our environment.
  • H. Sharon
  •  the 08/12/2018
  • 5/5
excellent quality and sound proofing
  • B. Nancy
  •  the 08/12/2018
  • 5/5
Very well made curtains!
  • J. Laurel
  •  the 07/11/2018
  • 5/5
OMG these are GREAT!!! The outside sounds are muffled and the rooms are so dark with the blackout part. I have a very nervous dog with loud fireworks and all we hear is a muffled bang. He is calm!
  • E. Lisa
  •  the 07/11/2018
  • 5/5
This is my third purchase of these curtains. We live in an urban area and the soundproofing these deliver is very good. You still hear the noise from the street but it's much reduced. I didn't really think about the temperature benefit when I bought them, and that too is very good. The curtains keep the house cool (or warm in winter). We'll have to see how the white color will wear (the curtains can't be washed). My only wish is that the curtains would come in different fabrics / more colors. The texture of these is a little slick for my tastes, but not a big deal.
  • N. Nicole
  •  the 06/14/2018
  • 1/5
Did not do what I was hoping may work better in another application
  • B. Lori
  •  the 06/14/2018
  • 5/5
Better than expected.
  • C. James
  •  the 06/14/2018
  • 5/5
If you want quality curtains to block light and/or soundproof these work. Was so impressed with first two I bought we got 4 more for living room. These WILL block light. Got for sound reduction in room with tile floor . Really helped with echo . TV sounds much better and able to understand what they are saying now. Look very nice also.
  • B. Fred
  •  the 04/10/2018
  • 5/5
Great Product. With 35-50 mph winds on the lake, we were finally able to sleep
  • G. Kyle
  •  the 03/15/2018
  • 5/5
I've bought some for my business and used to keep a Yoga studio quieter and I bought some for my elderly parents who had noisy neighbors. They seem to cut the noise down considerably and have a nice appearance that works with many styles. The grey is not a very nice looking grey imo, but the white is clean.
  • F. Eugene Francis
  •  the 03/15/2018
  • 1/5
It did not block any sound. Your product did not satisfy me.
  • Q. Nicole
  •  the 03/12/2018
  • 5/5
I was very skeptical of the sound curtains. We live on a busy street and the noise at night was driving me crazy. These curtains actually work! Does it stop the sound completely? No. Does it significantly reduce the sound that comes through the window? YES! We liked them so much that we bought multiple curtains for several rooms/windows. Great product, service, and very fast delivery!
  • J. Lucinda
  •  the 03/03/2018
  • 5/5
The curtains were just what I needed to mute the sound coming through a door. I rent out part of my house on Airbnb and the curtains were inexpensive and they work. Thanks.
  • M. Aaron
  •  the 01/26/2018
  • 4/5
  • D. Nick
  •  the 01/24/2018
  • 4/5
The product is of high quality and fit perfectly. Although it did not soundproof my window, it certainly cut down on a lot of the A/C compressor noise.
  • S. Carl
  •  the 11/17/2017
  • 5/5
Really dampened the nearby street noise. Very satisfied.
  • F. Susan
  •  the 10/22/2017
  • 5/5
so far so good. it seems to muffle the sound which is all I was hoping for
  • D. Pam
  •  the 10/07/2017
  • 5/5
Fabulous quality and very effective.
  • M. Michael
  •  the 07/18/2017
  • 5/5
These curtains have been great!
  • L. Daniel
  •  the 07/03/2017
  • 4/5
Quality of product is amazing, drapes well out of the box, no ironing/steaming required. Thick and heavy, noise is muffled from street, but because the window is also another area of contention, cannot rely on curtains alone.
  • C. Christina
  •  the 05/06/2017
  • 5/5
Great value!
  • C. Barbara
  •  the 04/09/2017
  • 4/5
Nice looking curtains. They cover without much fullness, and still muffle sound. I may get an additional pair.
  • G. Austin
  •  the 03/24/2017
  • 2/5
The curtain definitely helps block out noise, but I had higher expectations for the price. I could still hear quite a lot from the other side.
  • N. Doug
  •  the 03/10/2017
  • 4/5
Very excellent quality!
  • K. Denise
  •  the 02/27/2017
  • 5/5
I ordered these curtains for our daughters room. We live close to a downtown area, in a historic home with original windows from 1903. We hear street noise throughout the day, but wanted something to help with the early mornings. While these aren't miracle workers, they get the job done nonetheless. It is tremendously quieter in my daughter's room compared to our room. I just placed another order today for 5 more panels! These aren't true white, rather a grey-white, but excellent quality.
  • B. Jody
  •  the 02/25/2017
  • 4/5
While it doesn't completely block all my traffic noise, they help tremendously and help the room stay warmer.
  • L. Melanie
  •  the 01/06/2017
  • 4/5
I am satisfied with this product. It does not completely soundproof my room which faces a very busy street. I do feel it muffles the noise and blocks the elements of weather.
  • R. Julie
  •  the 09/07/2016
  • 5/5
Very high quality curtain and does what I was looking for: sound proof and darkening.
  • M. Scott
  •  the 09/06/2016
  • 5/5
Great curtains. They do not let any light through them.
  • H. Sam
  •  the 07/12/2016
  • 5/5
Awesome product. We live next to a bar that is both very bright and very loud. With these curtains in place the light is completely blocked out and sound is significantly dampened. 5 stars!
  • K. Heather
  •  the 06/11/2016
  • 5/5
Very durable and good quality!
  • J. Douglas
  •  the 05/04/2016
  • 5/5
We are very happy with the quality, style and function. We looked for a long time for solution to our noise and sound. Going to a retail store was a huge waste of time. The retail stores drapes are cheap and don't weigh anything. The sales are worthless when discussing sound. Thank you for your great product!
  • S. Patricia
  •  the 04/02/2016
  • 5/5
Very good product, I highly recommend.
  • W. Jonathan
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 4/5
It's a well made, nicely draping curtain. It is not really heavy enough to dramatically block sound, but that would require a vinyl inner layer. Still, it is a very well made curtain that probably does damper sound somewhat.
  • S. Susan
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
The price I paid for the curtains was comparable to what I could have paid in the department store. However, I find that the finishing on the curtains is nicer. The seams are well sewn and the bottom is left open so I essentially was able to get floor to ceiling curtains and that has helped minimize the noise.
  • G. Morgan
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
They work like magic!
  • T. Kathryn
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
My bedroom is a loft with a small stairway leading up - no actual door and no way to install one. I have two roommates downstairs. The sound curtain effectively blocked or muffled a lot of noise coming from downstairs. Of course, it doesn't block 100% of the sound, but it dampens it enough that now I can sleep in the morning when others get up and use the kitchen at 5am. It's also thick, high quality, and looks nice. I love it!
  • O. Steven
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
I live basically in the train tracks in Jersey City. They are totally sound proof of course but provided a huge sound reduction. Heavy duty, but look great!
  • G. Lynn
  •  the 03/22/2016
  • 5/5
Cut down noise from outside, insulated sliders nicely, darkened room as promised. Great product. We're happy
  • W. Geula
  •  the 03/06/2016
  • 5/5
Excellent curtains!. I looked high and low for curtains that would be both blackout and noise reducing. I live on a busy corner, and there are always loud cars going by. I came across this website and ordered three curtains for three windows. I ended up hanging two for one window, and am ordering an additional three for the remaining two windows. These curtains do the job! They are complete blackout and so far, although I only have them covering one window, the sound does seem to be muted. I will update my review once the other windows are covered. Each curtain comes with an unfinished hem, but with double sided tape to hem it to any length. It also comes with plastic pins. I would definitely recommend this product!
  • F. Timothy
  •  the 12/03/2015
  • 5/5
Great Product!. My client struggled to get a solid night's rest due to the noise level outside of her house. We research and debated a variety of options and decided to start with the most practical and affordable one - Moondream's soundproof curtains. There are two windows in her bedroom, I ordered curtains for one of the windows. My client was so pleased with the results that we have since ordered and installed curtains for the second window.
  • W. Joyce
  •  the 11/16/2015
  • 5/5
EXCELLENT PRODUCT!. We ordered this to keep in the doorway of our apartment entrance because our dog barks every time he hears anyone come in or out on our floor. We were hoping this might be a good way to keep him from braking but it was a risk as to if it would work in that way for him. BUT IT WORKS!!!!! The quality is excellent, the craftsmanship, materials & ordering/delivery all very very good. We are considering a second one of the doorway to the kitchen & I will recommend them for sure. As a recording artist I love the idea for my studio as well... REALLY EXCELLENT PRODUCT!
  • S. Susan
  •  the 08/21/2015
  • 5/5
Outstanding product. Great service . This purchase was a leap of faith for me and it worked out so unbelievably well! These soundproof curtains are gorgeous. The workmanship is just superb. The seams are beautifully done. The soundproof curtains are double lined and the lining is high quality not cheap looking stuff like I was finding in equally expensive curtains. I didn't know anything about this company or these curtains when I ordered and it has all been a pleasant surprise. Great customer service help when I needed to change colors and the product I got is so far above what was available in the mall. Most importantly our guest room with windows on a very busy corner is quiet and dark. I highly recommend Moondream.
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