Thick curtains that block out 100% of the light

Moondream blackout curtains

Discover all our thick and light blocking curtains that will protect your home from light and prying eyes. Perfect for you or your children’s bedrooms, Moondream’s opaque blackout curtains do not let through any sun rays or other light sources, guaranteeing a restful, peaceful night’s sleep. In solid colors or with fancy patterns, stripes, a textile appearance (cotton piqué, crepe chine or linen), dim-out or totally blackout blocking 100% of external light, Moondream blackout thick curtains are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and finishings to suit your tastes and your interior decor.

Thick curtains that block out 100% of the light

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A decorative asset for your home

Blackout thick curtains are not only practical, they also set off your home decor, giving every room a touch of elegance. In the bedroom, blackout curtains are an invitation to rest and relax, making the room even cozier. They are ideal kid's curtains, allowing light insulation for restorative naps. They also give your living room a soft, warm ambiance, inviting peace and tranquillity, while in the office they can improve concentration by giving you the feeling of being in a bubble.